Virtual walk / run / BIkE fundraiser

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Please select which community you'd like to support

Please select which community you'd like to support


We all know that the pandemic has impacted us all in one way or another. For some in our communities, neighbors, friends, and those we aren’t even aware of, circumstances are such that they are left in desperate need for support – they are in distress.

Restore Canada has always focused on operating in the margins. Without aid in the form of resource and a clear plan, dire long-term consequences are imminent for those in distress. Our trained Care Planners exist in these margins, ensuring effective allocation of resources that cuts to the heart of the problem providing long-term solutions, effective fund disbursement, but ultimately, hope to those without it.

The “Great Walk for Restore” is a vehicle of care. Your willingness to participate and raise funds, walk / bike / run (virtually, and physically distanced of course!), and come together is the “DO GOOD” needed in our communities. The more raised, the more is available to help!

Who will do more good?

And for little bit more fun, we’ve got a little bit of a healthy competition going on: which community will have the most participants? We will crown a Community Champion the leader of DOING GOOD! – announced at our closing ceremonies. So, tell your friends, colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances, childhood classmates to get involved!

Please select which community you'd like to support

Please select which community you'd like to support

Let’s Get Fundraising!

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Decide: Who are you going to fundraise for and click the respective button below.


3 ways to participate:

  • Create a team, or
  • Join a team, or
  • Join as an individual


Walk through the registration process (creating an account with CanadaHelps), and make sure to save your fundraising webpage link! You will use this to share with friends, family and co-workers to fundraise.


Encourage that all funds to be given electronically – limit donations by cash or cheques. This makes the process the simplest! (If you have people who can or will only give by cheque contact walk@restorecanada.org to find out how to do this.) NO CASH, PLEASE.


If you are on social media, share your fundraising efforts and progress by tagging your posts with #walkforrestore to associate it with the event and further help us spread the word!


Mark on your calendar to join us all on Saturday, May 14 to walk / run / bike! There will be a virtual opening ceremony – stay tuned for details!




This fundraiser is in support of Restore Canada

At Restore Method of Care Canada, we believe that no one person is more important than another, and that our primary vocation is to look after each other.  At Restore Canada, we focus on guiding people by developing plans  from a place of distress to a sustainable and healthy life.  We work through local churches, volunteer Care Planners, and donors in York Region to serve those in need and distress in order to build a bridge to a restored life. Established 2016.

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